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Weekly Update

This is going to be a great week for youth ministry toolbox and for you!  We are adding a new series that I just got through preaching for our students called “When Jesus Shows Up”.  We will also be adding New Small Group Curriculum to Youth Ministry Toolbox.  

This is such a good time for you to sign up if your not a member!  It will only cost you $40 a year and you can cancel anytime.  Also if you partner with us we will also send out other discounted offers during the year for other youth ministry resources like
Disciple Now Curriculum.  So please pray about joining with us this year.

Now For This Weeks Resources

1.  New Sermon Series

When Jesus Shows Up!  When Jesus shows up great things happen in the lives of people and in your student ministry.  Why not start off this year talking about what Jesus wants to do through you and your ministry.  Each week will look at a different story from the Bible and talk about what happened when Jesus shows up.  Don’t miss this series it has been one of the best so far!

TRY THE 1ST WEEK FR_EE DOWNLOAD IT HERE: http://www.box.net/shared/1q8azj64ph

2.  New Small Group Curriculum
We know that there is so much good curriculum out there for you to download and use.  But we are trying to give you great curriculum that will only cost you about the amount you pay in coffee a month.
New Small Group Curriculum
“Justice and global issues”

3.  Disciple Now Curriculum
Need a great Disciple Now or weekend retreat curriculum we got you covered for $100 you get everything you will need to have a great weekend.  The only thing you will need is to get your on shirts made up we give you the artwork and everything else.  
Check it out  www.disciplenowcurriculum.com

Have a great week!!!

Jamie and Buck
If you need anything please call me (Jamie) 214-293-5717
We can help with needing a Speaker,  Coaching for youth ministry, or help training your leaders.



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