Youth Ministry Resources – Finding Great Resource

We live in a world with a lot of Youth Ministry Resources. Every time you turn around there is a new shelf, a new book, or a new site for youth ministry. How do you select your ideas for your ministry? Should you make your own resources? So many questions. Let’s see if we can find a few answers.

First off, do not be afraid to buy someone stuff. I know a lot of us take pride in creating our own material. But you have a lot of things on your plate, so why reinvent the wheel. Using someone ideas does not make you a bad student pastor. In fact it may make you a better one. If you are not spending all your time creating, you can devote more time to relationships with your students.

If you do create your own save them. Be organized so you can build a library. This way you can help others in need of ideas, and reuse own material as you do new events and get new groups of students.

Look for subscriptions to youth ministry resources. There are many great websites that offer some incredible deals. The great thing about subscription sites for student ministries is that there are usually weekly updates. This way you are constantly getting fresh ideas and you never have to stress about finding material again. If nothing else, if you are caught in a busy week before camp or disciple now, you never have to get caught without having a great talk or small group prepared for the week.

There are a lot of youth ministry resources, so there are also a lot of tips and strategies on finding and creating youth ministry resources. I think these are enough tips and strategies to get us started.

Jamie Starrett is a student pastor that enjoys helping others find resources that can help them do ministry. He has been a student pastor for 14 years at the same church and loves what he does.


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