Youth Ministry Resources Weekly Newsletter!

Summer Newsletter

Please make sure you read this email in the entirety.   There’s a lot of stuff in here, with youth ministry toolbox customers summer special.  I’ll try not to make it to awful long!

Despite the wacky weather around the world this is still the month of June and this is traditionally the transition into summer and summer events.  Right now I’m in a Van heading to our High School camp at the Beach.  We had a great sign up this year so please be praying for us and salivations this week.

For a very short time, we are marking down the membership to our Old School Price of $40 a year for Great Youth Ministry Resources

Yep that is more than 50% Off!!!


 Or This Link


So if you have been waiting for a sale to pick up a membership now is the time to do it.  There will not be another sale for a long time. 

Go to buy your membership for $40 a year and you can cancel at anytime.


Every Kid Matters,

Jamie and Buck

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Are you a busy student pastor looking for great resources



No need to look any more you have just found a great youth ministry resources site. 

 Over A 4 Years Worth Of PowerPoint Sermons Including Teaching Outlines And Student Outlines        

 Over A 4 Years Worth Of PowerPoint Games With Game Sheets

 Weekly Updates (PowerPoint Games Or PowerPoint Sermons)

Stand Alone Sermons

 Small Group Studies


 Upfront Games



It’s Wednesday and you still don’t have a clue on what you are teaching tonight at your midweek service.  Plus you have to go eat with some of your students during their lunch hour, eat a taco, grab a coffee, spend some time with God, Pray, and work on your Sunday’s message.  What are you going to do?  We might have an answer for you


We are student pastors that are in the trenches every week
just like you. Our goal is to provide resources that will help
you spend less time on the computer and more time with
you students.

We have used every resource that we post on Youth Ministry So you can be assured that each week you
are getting the best materials for your ministry.

Working Together,

Jamie and Buck

How Much

We have found several different sites charging $3.99 per download for the same style resources that we send you every Tuesday.  (PowerPoint Games, Game Sheets, Sermons Plus Tons More) Which means you pay $15.96 a month or $191.52 a year.  That is just for the games!!!  But you get a TON MORE!

All For $40 a Year

for a short time'

Sign Up Today!


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