Deciding Which Resources You Need For Your Youth Ministry!

Choosing youth ministry resources can quickly become a jungle for youth pastors to struggle through. Simply deciding which materials you need can be extremely difficult. Maybe you are a new youth pastor who already feels like they are just trying to tread water. Maybe you are a veteran who is looking for some new ideas. Either way, I hope these simple steps can help you as you search for the proper materials for your students.

  1. Games- Honestly, I am like most student pastors. I go back and for on the importance or value of games. But recently I have been reminded of how games can help to build the much-needed community your students need. So any library of youth ministry resources should have a few games. PowerPoint games are a great way to start and super easy to use. Not to mention clean.
  2. Sermons- You probably have a service at some point in the week just for students. You need something to teach them. You may write your own sermons, and that is great. But why not use someone else’s stuff? It does not make you less of a minister. It makes you a wise one. You only have so many hours in a day. Why not use your time on more valuable aspects of your ministry like hanging out with your students.
  3. Administrative materials- This often gets left out of the conversation when we think of youth ministry resources. But these materials are extremely important. The more organized we can be the more efficient we can be with our time. The more we can focus on things that we enjoy, things that are eternal. And again, why spend your time creating your own materials? There are plenty available online and many of them are free.

Well, those are my few thoughts. I hope they bring a little guidance as you continue to minister to your students.  For more great youth ministry resources check out or click Youth Ministry Resources


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