Youth Ministry Resources – How To Choose The Right Resources

One of the hardest things to do as a youth pastor is sifting through all of the youth ministry resources that are available. So many people are providing materials to help you reach your students that it can be hard to know where to begin. Here are a few steps to help you avoid many of the mistakes and that people make in this part of their ministry.

  1. Do not reinvent the wheel- Many ministers, do to pride or bad advice, feel that they have to create all of their own curriculum, studies, sermons, games, etc. But with all of the wonderful youth ministry resources available, why would you devote your time to creating your own? Your job is to build relationships with your students, not create sermons, games, etc. Focus on the relationships. They are what will lead to genuine change in your student’s lives.
  2. Look for value- Your budget is probably limited. Even if it is not, you must be wise with the funds that you are entrusted with. Look for materials that bring a lot of value. Maybe you can use them more than once. Perhaps you can buy them in a bundle. One of the best values is to look for a subscription. Subscriptions for youth ministry resources will allow you to get plenty of materials for one low annual price. Many of these sites also have weekly or monthly updates so that you always have fresh materials to work with. You cannot beat a deal like that.
  3. Digital is dynamite- Sorry; I had to be a little cheesy. What I mean though is find materials that you can download digitally, straight from the Internet. It is quick and convenient. Digital also makes it easier to store and organize your materials for later use. We live in a digital world, why not take advantage of the benefits it can bring.

I know these are only a few steps but they were a great starting point for me. I hope they will be for you also as you look for the right youth ministry resources for your ministry.

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Jamie Starrett is a student pastor and has been at the same church for over 12 years and He loves it!


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