Youth Ministry Toolbox Newsletter For July 27

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New Sermon Series And Some Free Games For You



New Sermon Series:


Turning Point

Week 1 of 4   Pigs and Chains

Here are the points for the first week.

Mark 5:9-13

1.  Jesus seeks to free us from our hopeless condition.

2.  Jesus paid a high price on the cross for us.

3.  We respond to freedom with joy, a changed life, and a desire to tell of what Jesus has done.

Last Thought:

Who do you need to tell about your changed life today?


Download it here:

 Or Youth Ministry Resources


Free Games:

Guess Who

Contact all your students’ parents and have them send in a photo of their child as a toddler. This is HUSH HUSH, and their child cannot know the photos are going to be sent in.

(When you start showing the pictures it gets the students all freaked out about which photo their parent might have sent in.)

With all your photos on a bulletin board or scanned in to a slide show, gather your students and show the photos to see who can match the toddler on screen with the teenager across the room.



How’s Yours

This is a really fun game that is also very, very simple to play. You need zero supplies or preparation! Told ya it was simple. Here’s what you do.

Choose one student to go out of the room and way out of ear shot. While that student is gone (with an adult volunteer…just to make sure), you stand in front of the rest of the kids and pick one object (usually a body part or an article of clothing) that everyone has.

Once you have decided upon an object as a group (for instance, nose, big toe, shoes, mouth, car, mom, etc), call for the student who was outside to come back in. When he/she comes in, he/she will go around the room and ask everyone, “How’s Yours?”

The other students’ responses need to be one or two words describing that object that was selected. After everyone has had a chance to describe how theirs is, the student who went outside must try and guess what object everyone’s talking about.

Tip: Have the kids use very vague adjectives to describe the object. For example, if your object is your nose, make sure you explain to the kids describing their noses not to use something obvious that will give it away (like runny). They can use words like red, sore, big, narrow, loud, etc.

Our kids love this game! If your group is larger, maybe only have 10-15 kids describe “How’s Yours” to keep the game moving and minimize the repeat answers.


I Need A Shoelace

This game can be played with small or huge groups. The up-front person divides teams (in audiences of rallies or other large gatherings you can make each section of chairs a group).

The up-front person then yells out a demand for a somewhat common item that people might have on them. The first team to bring up that item wins that round. Have each team elect ONE runner to run the item up to the person up front.

I need a…
student body card
13 shoes tied together
3 belts hooked together
nail file
chewed gum
someone with food in their teeth
sock with a hole in it
movie stub ticket
Driver’s Liscense
quarter older than 1999
hair brush 



I Hope You Have A Great Week !


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Have a  great week!

Jamie and Buck


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