Disciple Now – Making The Sell Part 2

Next you need to sell your event to your leaders. You need to cast a vision for what your expectations are for them and for what your goals are for the event. It cannot be guaranteed everything will happen as you hoped but you increase your chances of this happening if you take the time to sell your leaders on what you hope to see happen throughout the weekend.

Finally you need to sell the event to your church. Disciple Now is a big undertaking and you need a lot of help to pull it off. Therefore you need to get your whole church involved. There is an added benefit here though. Most student ministries are isolated from the rest of the church. While this is usually acceptable for everyone it poses a problem. Your students are isolated from people who can be great role models for them. This event gives you a chance to break that trend and build a bridge between the adults in your church and the students in your ministry.

Being a salesman may be unnatural for many of us, and that actually may be a good thing. But there are times where playing this role is necessary and this event is one of those times. If you want your weekend to be all you hoped it would be and all that God intends for it to be than get out there and sell the weekend to everyone who needs to have it sold to. Those few moments of our time will reap incredible benefits in the long run.
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