Disciple Now

New Disciple Now Devotional Added
Lesson 1:  One Heart (The Great Commandment)
Lesson 2:  One Passion (The Least of These)
Lesson 3:  One Focus (The Great Commission)
Lesson 4:  One Church (The Big Picture)

This Study Now Includes A 30 Day Devotional That Follows The 4 Lessons.
Why not allow your students to take what they have learned at your event home with them. This devotional is a great way to get the Word of God into your students hands for 30 days.  One of the ways we are using these devotionals is when a student becomes a Christian we are able to give them 30 days of devos to help the start growing in their faith.

Once you buy this study it is yours and you can use it in you ministry however you need too.

Check out all of our studies at ———> http://www.disciplenowcurriculum.com

P.S. We have a new study coming out at the end of this week in fact this is the study
we are using this year for our DNow. It is called "Called To Greatness"

P.S.S  We are about to relaunch our Youth Ministry Toolbox website!   We are adding a ton of new stuff and of course if you want to jump on the price for $9.95 a month you can do that now!  Youth Ministry Resources


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